One of the main features of DuckWorks is territories, which are intended for the placement of working buildings. Territories are divided into several types, depending on the maximum number of buildings that can be placed:
  • Small. Maximum number of buildings - 3
  • Medium. Maximum number of buildings - 5
  • Large. Maximum number of buildings - 8
Workplaces have basic parameters:
  • Factory - 150 Workplaces
  • Miine - 100 Workplaces
  • Farm - 50 Workplaces
Any user who owns the NFT Duck Works tools will be able to take a free workplace and start mining.
Territory owners can set their commissions between 1-20%, which will be paid from each token mined by workers at the Factory and Mine. Thus, if the territory owner specifies a commission of 10%, and the workers extract 1000 tokens in a day, the income of the territory owner will be 100 tokens.
The initial production cycle at the facilities is:
  • Factory - 2 hours
  • Mine - 1,5 hours
  • Farm - 1 hour
The reward pool is evenly distributed over each territory, based on the size of the territories. Each territory can be improved for $WORK tokens and in-game materials (metal, minerals), allowing you to get more tokens from the pool as a percentage. For example, large territories account for 40% of the total rewards pool, the number of large territories is 100, the share of 1 large territory from the total rewards pool is 0.4%. If 1 of the territories is upgraded, its share will double to 0.8%, and the share of the other 99 large territories will be 0.395%. And also, every 5th level of territory improvement reduces the production cycle at enterprises by 10%.
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