DAO is a specific form of organization in which the coordination of activities between participants is carried out without centralized management, but with the use of automatic algorithms.
The most active DuckWorks users, such as the top 100 stackers, the top 50 territory owners, and the top 20 most active users of our social networks will be able to receive $WDAO tokens that will not be traded and will not be tranferable.
Using $WDAO tokens users will be able to create proposals for the introduction of new functionality in the game DuckWorks, as well as changes to the current one. After creating a proposal, WorkDAO participants will conduct an initial vote, according to the results of which the proposal will either be rejected or move on to the next stage of voting, which is available to every active user of the game.
In this way, we want to create the most transparent system of relationships between users and the development team, as well as build a game driven solely by the ideas of the community.