A mine allows you to earn $WORK tokens for your work, as well as in-game resources such as minerals. Minerals are used to improve territories and factories. To start working in a mine, you need to have one of DuckWOrks mining NFTs, as well as food, which you can buy in the in-game store.
You can choose one of the free mines on the map that fits your conditions and get to work. The production cycle at the mine is 1.5 hours, at the end of which you receive a reward in $WORK tokens, according to your share and share of the territory where the mine is located, as well as, a random amount of minerals, the range of which depends on the total daily pool of minerals and the level of your mine.
Minerals can be sold in the in-game store, and $WORK tokens can be used to improve your mining NFT, which can increase your income and share in the distribution of $WORK tokens going forward. To improve your mining NFT you need $WORK tokens and metal produced by the factory, the amount of tokens and in-game currency changes dynamically depending on your current level and the total number of levels of the other plants.
Also, you need to always monitor the food balance so that production does not get penalized, in the form of a -50% decrease in productivity and a complete shutdown of your mine.
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