The farm is a key DuckWorks enterprise; the farm produces a resource, food, which is needed to run factories and mines. The farm does not receive rewards in $WORK tokens, but does have a separate liquid in-game food market. You need a farm NFT to start working on the farm; food is not required to run the farm.
You can choose one of the free farms on the map that fits your conditions and get to work. The production cycle on the farm is 1 hour, at the end of which you get a reward in the in-game resource - food, the amount of food depends on the level of your farm and the overall level of farms in the game.
Food can only be sold in the DuckWorks in-game store. You can increase your food income by pumping up your farm and increasing your percentage. You need $WORK tokens to improve your farm NFT; the number of tokens varies dynamically depending on your current level and the total number of levels of the other farms.
Last modified 10mo ago